One Stop Solution for all Purohit and Puja Services

About Meepurohit

Meepurohit is a religious organization which helps customers in reducing their effort in finding a purohit for any pooja or ritual at reasonable prices.

We can make arrangements of all items required for any ritual on customer’s request. You can get your detailed astrology chart by our astrologers.

What We Offer

Learned Purohits

We arrange Learned Purohits for all kinds of rituals and Ceremonies ON TIME.

Puja Material

We arrange fine quality Puja Materials required for the ordered ritual ON TIME.

Astrology Services

Our Learned Astrologers prepare your birth chart for all aspects of your life.


Graha Doshas

We arrange all kinds of remedies for Graha doshas suggested to you by our astrologers.

Vastu Specialists

Our expert Vastu specialists guide you in all Vastu related aspects.

Traditional Cooking

We Provide traditional cooking service for all ceremonies and other auspicious rituals.