Valuable, Reliable, Qualitative & On-time Purohit and related services to our customers with satisfaction guaranteed.


We envision to bring personalized Purohit Services like ritual performances, information related to rituals, and valuable services like astrological charts, affects and related remedies.

 We being into this service provisioning, no Hindu family should miss any event they wish to perform in their lives.

 To strengthen the bonding between Hindu families and Purohit community.

We Determine

We determine to provide quick and qualitative purohit services and puja material at your ease in all aspects.

Our Promise
  • Qualitative Services

  • On Time Services

  • Detailed information about ritual

  • Being with you throughout the occassion

  • There is a great importance for purohit in our hindu culture from ancient times.

  • They play a special role in every important aspect of human lifecycle.

  • Earlier days, by virtue of more joint families, elders of the family used to explain the importance of the auspicious days and make the younger generations to follow defined customs and rituals.

  • Now, due to small and micro families, there is a lack of guidance from elders from time to time. Many a times, some of us are unable to notice the auspicious days until someone reminds us.

  • At times like this, if any puja or ritual planed at home, firstly we wish to have guidance and services of a learned purohit.

  • Day to day schedule in towns and cities has become hectic. Finding purohit is difficult when compared to villages, where you know them by name.

  • In today’s lifestyles, we are getting all our daily needs from grocery, vegetable to luxuries like gold and jewellery, with a click.

  • So, why not purohit services also…??!! With the same intent, meepurohit.com has come up to address this challenge and fulfil all the needs to the extent of complete satisfaction.

  • meepurohit.com lessens your efforts and time consumption to make arrangements of any ritual or custom.

  • Meepurohit.com provides complete range of purohit and related services with minimal effort.